Thank you for visiting YoungerBeing.com. Despite the name, this blog is all about the drug “Depakote” and the experiences that users are finding when they take the drug. Millions of people take Depakote all over the world and we are not saying that the drug does not work and help those that need treatment for epilepsy, manic depression due to bipolar disorder or anxiety. What we do want to bring to your attention is the side effects of the drug.

When you consider the side effects of any drug they will never manifest themselves in all users. Everybody is different and some people will never show any side effects of taking Depakote. But a large number do and we want you to know what the possible risks are before you embark on a course of treatment.  Whatever you see posted here does not mean that it will actually affect you. It just means that a sample of the people that took the medication did suffer with one or more of the side effects discussed.

We are not on a mission to oppose Abbott Laboratories or any other drug manufacturer. The point is that you should know all of the possible risks before taking any drug. Sometimes these side effects are not very well explained on the packaging and there are some cases where they are not listed at all because the manufacturer wasn’t aware of them. This is OK as there are probably millions of variations when you consider the number of users and their different body types etc.

So we want you to contribute to this blog. If you have useful information about the side effects of Depakote then please let us know by using the contact form on this site. There is always the possibility that Depakote will cause problems with some users because they are taking another drug at the same time and the two medications just don’t agree with each other. Because of this you should see a lot of different posts about this on the site as time goes by.

Remember that before you take any medications you should consult your doctor.

Thank you and enjoy the site. Your comments will be most welcome.